Madame Pagu

Visual Artist
Alessandria, Italy

Madame Pagu (1967, Brazil) is a multiartist who combines her original photography, images and appropriate objects with collage, textile art, mixmedia, destructive processes and digital art to create works that refer to the female universe, the connection between people and the passage of time. Since 2015 she lives in Italy, when she left her life as a lawyer and university professor to devote herself completely to art. “My work reflects how I feel about the world we live in. It’s my way of translating what invades me and remains.” His work brings together works that were successful at the MONFEST Biennial (Italy) 2022, COCA – Center for Contemporary Artists (Italy) 2021, FESTFOTO (Brazil) 2021, Pequeno Encontro da Fotografia (Brazil) 2021, MED PHOTO FEST (Italy) 2021 and exhibitions at centro Argentino de Artes Têxteis – CAAT (Argentina) 2021, and can be seen at Kolaj Magazine (USA), Urdume Magazine (Brazil) and the Saatchi Art portal.

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