Pavia, Italy

Born in Syracuse (Italy) in 1970, today Salvo lives in Pavia. He is a self-educated artist and a licensed psychotherapist expert in hypnosis. In the last 5 years he examines in depth the nature of resilience, studying how people overcome to stressor life events.
In 1997 he got a master’s degree in Psychology from the Sapienza University in Rome, city in which he lived for 10 years. In 2005 he moved to the north of Italy, were he obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Pavia, writing a thesis on perception.
During the university years he started drawing comics, in 2004 he began his intensive artistic activity, in this period he started searching new ways of expression through the use of oil and acrylic colors on different kind of materials.
CONCEPT: Salvo’s artistic research is focused on the exploration of human beings, especially the ones related to the distressing emotions of people. The characters of his paints are mysterious. The spectators are put in the condition to be in an out of focus reality, a mirror in which everyone can find and explore own inner emotions.
In Salvo’s portraits everything is functional to create a pathway to a different level of reality. The challenge of is work is to express the essence of humans going beyond the ordinary notions of space and time. Using his personal memories, he would like to drive the observer in an “enfolded” order in which everyone can become a witness of the collective and sacred nature of life.