Ema Grazioli

Technique: Acrylic, pigments, ink and gold leaf on raw cotton framed and framed by hand

Year: 2023

Size: 39 x 54 cm

Description: It started from an idea that then, as usually happens to me, became chaotic and redundant, artifactual.
That's why I thought of ENSŌ! Seriva a reset...And here is my answer!
Ensõ then becomes not just a manifesto for me!
For two years it has been a path of personal research , a space of free creativity and emotions.
It is a work to take away, toward what is authentic simple and sincere!
It is a "revitalizing space" where the two arts that most belong to me in a primal way come together and give me breath.
Here I also included the practice of kintsugi Japanese technique that consolidates the cracks and breaks of objects by means of gold,which fortifies, consolidates by giving value to what we tend to eliminate instead.
With the friends of The ALUMA Circle, we thought of and created an immersive experience-performance among sounds, colors vibrations that describes it synaesthetically.
ENSŌ in Japonic culture brings back to the creative circle, the search for enlightenment, human contact.
Cosmos, to a mirror , cit : moment when the mind, mushin (without thought), is free to let the body-spirit whole draw from the vast field of creativity.
I experience it as a sensory contamination, energy exchange, emotional transport leading to con-tact in a sensory sense and in a relational sense.
A 'vibrational experience between sounds, colors and emotions that in a circle lead us to reach the deepest part of the self and then return to the surface where perception becomes more physical.
A choreography in which color takes on a meaning that goes far beyond mere decorative occupation, and is linked to an ethical and moral concept becomes research and iridescent description of the self.


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If you have specific needs, you can contact the Artàporter team: info@artaporter.it

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