Torino, Italy

Gesebel Barone was born in Turin, Italy, in 1984. After graduating from a high school specialized in art, she became “Technician in reproduction of Sculpture Works”. Her passion for sculpture grew thanks to an important work experience with the master craftsman Fausto Mosca, together with whom she created an 8ft sculpture based on her original draft. Later, driven by her curiosity towards different forms of visual communication, she attended the course of “New Technologies of Art” at the Academy of Fine Arts.During her years of study and through the project “Bottega d’artista”, she met established artist Piergiorgio Robino from studio Nucleo. Together they created “Reliquiae”, a piece on the edge between art and design. Their encounter led to several years of collaborations, thanks to which Gesebel learnt how to work with resins and master new techniques of mold making.