Maddalena Fanfani

Biassono, Italy

I’m Maddalena , I’m from Italy .

I have two human and two cat’s daughters .
Living life as an artist is a lot of practice, involves embracing and evolving one’s true self, valuing authenticity in the creative process. Creating for me is joy and fulfillment. It’s what helps me to keep a good positive attitude in life . I feel like a kid when I’m immersed in my fantasy world , I can get really, happy and excited in the moment and I love to share my process with my audience .
I consider art as a way of thinking and acting in life, a constant reflection of what I see and feel every day . My works represent dreamlike landscapes and creatures. The sign of digging to unearth a fictional universe , which is struggling to remain within the canvas. In the world of Mad, everything takes the form of a splash of colour . The mind processes thoughts and memories that the hand imprints on the surface , through symbols and words. The design is a poem translated into my language .