Pier Maurizio Greco

Roma, Italy

Pier Maurizio Greco was born in Modena, lives and works in Rome. He graduated in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, with a thesis on Mario Schifano, the result of personal meetings with the artist in his Roman studio, and obtained a teaching qualification (class 61A – History of Art) in the 1999/2000 teaching competition.
Since the end of the 1980s he has used photography as a tool for investigation and research, starting from material textures and details of random objects. A few years later he began to paint, took painting courses, and investigated the expressive possibilities of acrylic painting, a technique that still constitutes his pictorial practice of choice. The first works on canvas are characterized by a strong abstract matrix, attributable to an informal tone and sign, in which ethnic suggestions and references to symbolic images sometimes emerge. Gradually, a synthetic process takes shape over time, a condition in which the pictorial surface constitutes the territory of contiguity between objective reality and abstraction.
He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.