Who we are


Artàporter is the first platform that connects artists and businesses to bring urban art galleries to life, offering the opportunity to purchase works directly on site and take them away.

Through a smart and innovative system, Artàporter simplifies the job of finding exhibition spaces for artists and renews participating venues free of charge and on a monthly basis, thus rethinking common art venues.

Rethinking the commonplaces of art means:

● Abandoning the idea of canonical galleries and museums.
● Imagining a new way of enjoying art.
● Giving accessibility for exhibition to artists
● Creating a new circuit for art tourism
● Making art available to everyone
● Falling in love with a work and immediately taking it home with you

"To be a creative enterprise supporting all people who want to express and promote their artistic inspiration in front of an audience.

We base our work on the strength and development of stable relationships between artists, private and public patrons and art lovers. On the value of the artist as a person with rights of expression, recognizing the need to create business opportunities."

"Artàporter's vision focuses on the figure of the contemporary artist, a weak link in the Art supply chain, and create opportunities for them to relate, visibility and business."


We are not just artists, we are not just stores, we are not the canonical art spaces. We are an outstretched hand, a suspended coffee, an opportunity yet to be seized.

We bring knowledge, a sense of togetherness, beauty.

We put art in motion and fix it within everyone's reach.

We were born out of a desire to make art capillary and are dedicated to doing so through the power of democracy.

We believe that art belongs to the people, that it can shake spirits, touch hearts and improve the spaces around us.

Artàporter. That is, Rethinking the commonplaces of art.


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