Maia Kristianson

Acqui Terme, Italy

I aim to channel my natural creative inclination into a harmonious blend of acrylics, watercolors, digital media, and mixed media.
While I do not have formal training I am on a journey of self-expression, using my innate talent as my guiding light.
I currently explore the realms of acrylics and watercolors, I endeavor to capture the essence of water, a favourite theme with authenticity, vibrancy and movement. I experiment with digital and mixed media to add depth and volume to my creative repertoire.
Drawing inspiration from our breathtaking natural world, some works have a defined sense of place, while other pieces defy both time and space.
Currently, I am at the outset of my artistic journey. I am evolving as an artist, my work stands as an invitation to share in my growth, aspirations, creative spirit and evolving vision.

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