Smooth Skin (Pele Mansa) #22


Madame Pagu
Dimensione: 50 x 70 cm (stampa su Carta Hahnnemühle RAG 308 gsm)
Anno: ND
Descrizione: There is a thread that like a road sews events and memories. The traces of stories that textiles open in women’s lives are linked not only to their production by female hands, but also reverberate in the act of caring. We women are used to making the textiles that heal and re-establish others: we spin, weave and care. We heal the real wounds and the imaginary ones. We tie beneath the gauze the secrets of others that heal with the distancing of time. The act of healing is our proof of life that transits between medicine and poison. So where are our pains? I keep inside me souls that fly and get away from my wounds that I lick. The body has its time. The pain too.
Smooth Skin was constructed from photos I made of women who were asked to choose a textile and put it onto the part of their body where their secret pains were: a sewing exercise inside out, having the body as a support of our speech, but which still does not annihilate the light.

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